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Real rear CF Triangle Molding Layovers

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Is there still an interest in these? I found a company that is willing to make them for us as long as we get a set of 10 out. Price is probably going to be around $33 shipped and from there we could probably get other stuff in cf made as long as its flat.
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what are they for?? iv said that to myself about 15 times and it still dont make sense
I think he means the small triangle on a ZX3 where the rear side windows end.
Why worry about a group buy and pay $33 when you can get them for $15 shipped right now?
Why worry about a group buy and pay $33 when you can get them for $15 shipped right now?
for Carbon Fiber pieces?
Ebay has them for $15 but they may be carbon look alike so you need to ask the seller if they are real carbon.

Yeah I saw those on ebay just an hour ago? Are they any good, caus carizme ordered a set 2 weeks back but hasnt gotten them yet as far as I know. If they are good quality then ofcourse go with the $15 ones but if not let me know and I will set it up for the other ones if you guys want.
If they're covers, the lines will never match right. The carbon part will be raised up. I would think it would look dumb.

i bought the triangles and pillars from the guy on ebay and they are just layovers but they look sweet plus they didnt have a gel coat on them which i love because i just cleared them and you can still feel the carbon texture which is just groovy i payed 40.00 plus 4.00 s/h for the triangles and pillars together i will take pics of these on my car this week when it is clean so you guys can see them.
I want some glossy ones with the focus logo at the bottom like the CF ones on ebay. anybody seen something like that?
I am auctioning them on e-bay and make them myself. They are genuine carbon fiber I set with epoxy and cut the parts. I do clear coat them also. They do not "bulk up" the exterior of the car. I have four sets I can ship ASAP and can make more. A far as the missing parts, I am pasting the feedback from the transaction here and you can confirm it on e-bay. I do my very best to provide high quality products. I just dont charge what the big companies do. Of course, if you want to pay more, I will take it!

carizme( 41) Oct-12-03 00:09:51 PDT 2435372838 S
Praise : Great product!! Thank you, very impressive
Yeah I got them, just havent gotten around to putting them on the car
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When you get them on, I would love for you to e-mail me a pic. I am working on a website and would love to throw a pic of your car on. Hope you enjoy the parts.
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