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hi, just need to vent a bit.
I was looking for a car, that would be my wife's.
She can drive the stick, but is a bit afraid.
So I was trying to get her a decent automatic car.
First thought of a new 2.3 zx3 premium, but it's still an expensive car even with rebate.
So I was looking at used VWs, Acuras, Mazdas.
And came upon this really nice 1999 SAAB 9-3 SE
Car was really nice, had just 73kmiles, but I know she wouldn't be driving it a lot, so it's ok.
The price was 8984 or smth, roughly 9K.

I looked at it, it was mint, or nearly mint, inside and out. Color -bright red (just to help you visualize). Climate controls, power leather seats with memory. Weatherband and all bells and wistles + turbo motor with a fancy fuel management from the factory, that can handle 87 fuel

So we decided to get it. I put down a 500 deposit and applied for a loan. Got approved within a day, but of course my wife was a co-signer.
So we went together to sign the paperwork.

but before doing that, decided to check out the car first( she never saw it before).

Well, and it began. First I noticed, that some of the trim on the passanger's seat side (where the power seat knobs are) is kinda falling off, but that doesn't bothered me, just got a little upset.

Then emergency flasher's button didn't work, and finally just broke and fell behind the dash.

When I would try to start it, it would take about 2 seconds of cranking.

Inginition key sometimes wouldn't turn, so I would jiggle it.
BUt that's all ok I guess. And I know it can be easily remedied.

Finally after about 30 minutes of playing with accessories battery died, and the car refused even to crank the motor, didn't start at all.
We were a bit frastrated, and of course no paper work was done.

We left.
The the dealer yelled at me, when I phoned to tell him about it. Sounded like he was pissed off, that I killed the battery, which is bogus, he just kept the low capacity battery in the car and was trying to sell it that way. Warranty that he gives (3 month) wouldn't cover it of course

anyway, I knew that I'm getting a great deal, so a new battery wouldn't bother me at all.

Carfax was clean, but it was used as a comercial vehicle. Although condition of the car was good, I didn't like the fact that it was commercially used.
Anyway, just to be safe, I decided that the car needs to be taken to a mechanic (Saab specialist of course). Closest one is a dealership.

I called the owner, and he started to tell me that since, dealership is a competitor, they will be badmouthing the car. Which is bogus, since service department would be glad to tell me that the car is good, since they would have my business later, when repairs would start. And Saabs are expensive to repair .
Anyway, he suggested that he may take the car to a mechanic, but he basically chose one.
Again, what guarantee does it have for me!??? none.
anyway, today I told him, either we take it to saab delaer for inspection or that's it.
Well, just as I feared, he refused to inspect it.
Well I'm down 500, and very frustrated.

Well I gues my wife would have to learn how to drive the stick better then now.
I'm a bit pissed, I hate buying used cars from shady dealers. they have great deals, but I guess I'm just a bit too carefull.
Well, and it was a 9000 car, with 73kmiles and a
very big potential repair costs.
Now I'm thinking that it even was in an accident, and then privately repaired.
Last carfax record on it, is that it was registered as a comerical vehicle, the day it was bought, with 29 miles on the odometer.
Anyway, better safe then sorry.

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The ZX3 I just bought for $4000 was used as a commericial vehicle, Got into a supposed "severe accident" according to CARFAXES standards and has had 4 owners. I am now the 5th. The car as of now overheats and needs a horn. Outside and inside are in excellent condition. I was very scared of buying the car but once I drove it, I felt better. Very quiet and very nice ride. The overheating is probably a minor problem and the horn costs me $20. So no worries mate. I hope it goes fine for you. I hope it goes fine for me too! I don't want this car to start going down hill after a few more months.

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thanks for kind words, I'm sure your focus will be fine. And considering the price, you can gladly run it into the ground, or until wheels fall off.
Focus is a simple and actually quite reliable car.
while researching I browsed some boards, and VW seemed like a nightmare, sensors go bad, new engined loosing oil and it's normal!
Saabs need 5-6000 of repairs in just 30-40kmiles.
Well, I would buy a focus for a 4000, I know the car, and it's problems, which are actually minor, and limited. Fuel pump, struts, end-links, DPFE, power steering lickage.
well, but with a 9000 high end car I wanted to be sure. If it were something majorly wrong I would really regret it. And to sell it later!??? I don't think so. I just can't lie to people, when selling the car (guess it's good)

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you should just punch the guy. some people simply need to be hit.

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it was a non-refundable deposit, so I have to dodge the bullet. Already did that actually
LIfe goes on, and it is not worth it to kill your own nerve cells over it. I look into the future!

by the way SAABs are nice, and soon they would be cheaper, and newer!! (GM lease deals are making it happen).
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