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rear engine mount ?

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This might be a dumb question, but when searching for this part for my SVTF I've seen rear engine mount and drivers side and passenger side engine mounts. Which part do I need?
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The one that makes the biggest difference (bang for the buck) is the rear mount. Many people do just the rear and none of the others. If one of your's is broken and you're looking to fix the problem though, you'll need to replace THAT one
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The rear mount is a great start to get rid of that annoying "Bang" when shifting into 2nd gear at high RPM. If you want really solid (rattle the fillings outta your teeth at idle) then go with all 3.
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So it sounds like it's the rear mount I'm looking for. Is this an install I can do myself or should I take it in somewhere and have it done?
it's real easy... all you need are some regular old hand tools and a floor jack. it should only take about a half hour.
it's real easy... all you need are some regular old hand tools and a floor jack. it should only take about a half hour.
Depends on you're particular situation. If you're car is brand new or never been driven, it will be as easy as described above.

Mines an 06 and both 13mm bolts where seized. Just set aside some time, and you should be fine however...
Rear mount is a ez and a great mod...{dog bone}
this my be an even dumber question but why is the rear mount such a good upgrade
The stock ones are just really bad, and get worse quickly. The aftermarket ones exceed them in every way, and they are in a position to improve the driving experience quite a bit.
well random q since this is on the subject, how hard is it to replace with poly mounts? Saw them for sale by themselves on fswerks' website wonder how hard it would be to do that, I have access to a press.
kennym04 & snake eyes. see this post?

this will help you bot maybe
saw the post, rather do it myself since I am a DIY guy and like saving the extra 40 bucks lol.
ok snake eyes. take pride in your own builds. then the massive has some poly in purple or can get es in red or black. just depends on i what u
I just got the inserts to put in my stock mount, they work great, but the vibration at idle is pretty annoying.
You think that's bad, I got my car with all 3 VF Engineering mounts =) It vibrates pretty badly, but it's stiff as hell. Doesn't bother me too much.
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