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Rear SVT brake conversion performance question

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Not sure if this is the correct location for this topic.

Considering eventually upgrading the rear brakes on my ZX3 from drums to SVT disc brakes. Has anyone done this AND when you are hard on the brakes (trackday, autocross, ect) does the rear brakes lockup before the fronts? experience appreciated.
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If you have ABS, then none of them will lock-up. If you don't have ABS, then you better upgrade the fronts as well or you will lock the rears easily before the fronts. It is easier to throw the back around without ABS than with ABS, but you need to carry a little speed into your turn under braking to make that happen, either way.

If interested, PM me, I have a set of new SVT front brakes complete (knuckles with bearings/hubs loaded, calipers/brackets, rotors, pads), and a set of used SVT rear brakes (calipers/brackets), but you will need to rebuild them and get new spindles, dust shields (not critical) and e-brake cable.
Here's a link to the instructions for the old FRPP full SVT brake upgrade, front and rear.

I was hoping that wasn't the case, I have 15" wheels that probably won't fit over SVT front brakes. In that case I'll probably not do the swap. If I come around to changing everything I will keep you in mind.
They will fit under most 16 inch wheels, you can pick up stock 16s pretty cheap... I still have two black 5-spokes I'll happily let go of.
Thanks for the offer, I just bought the 15's and mounted tires to them so I got to run them at least for a little while.
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