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So I’ve been out of the ‘fun car’ philosophy since 2010 and now I’ve got the itch to get back into it! I’ve been researching if it’s possible to find a fun(weekend drives/autocrossing/maybe track days), reliable and easy to maintain car with a purchase price of $2000 these days. There are slim pickings for sure, but I’ve always had a soft spot for the Mk1 Foci(I owned an 04’ SVT ZX5 back in 07’). I see quite a few in my current state(Idaho) hovering around that price range and they’re really tempting me…

So I guess my question to all of you on here is: Is it possible to pick up a truly reliable Mk1 at that price? I don’t mind doing simple repairs(I remember the good ol’ thermostat housing on my SVT haha) but are the older ones starting to show more complicated issues that aren’t garage-weekend repair friendly?

Any advice is appreciated!

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