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removing sub enclosure on SVT...have to change bulb.

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I have a do I remove the subwoofer enclosure in the trunk. I need to get to the tailight assembly to change a
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I'm pretty sure that you can just pull the carpet/enclosure out. That's what I did when I changed my taillights. And then just stuff it back when you're done.
There are no fastners but be careful with the wiring connector to the light.
Thanks...I didn't see any fasteners either but I didn't want to break anything.
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I've removed my tailights in the past but the subwoofer had nothing to do with it.
You do need to just pull that carpet piece out. I have found it is easier if you remove the trunk mat first. My problem is the plastic lens for the trunk light is now cracked around the bulb holder , so the bulb sits in very precariously...
I highly doubt it is a part I can order either.
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