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Replacement Mirrors - Suggestions or More Options?

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My wife just snapped off the driver side mirror while backing out of our driveway
, luckily no marks in the paint. Now I'm looking for a replacement, my needs are:

1) FOLDING! Don't want to buy another stock fixed one!
2) Reasonably priced
3) Powered, both my wife and I drive the car. (the existing one is powered, although right now I can only adjust it to see the front left tire and the rear left tire only.)

I've been searching through all the posts here and this is what I have found.

M3 Mirror
looks very cool, I love the idea of a turn <font color="blue"> </font> <font color="blue"> </font> signal LED. May do this if someone can convince me that the price is right, and the quality is good. Do these fold? Do they need to be painted? My car is liquid grey.

SVT Mirror
I like this, it won't look too different from stock, it comes right from Ford and I'm guessing it will be a good clean fit. But is it folding? Do I need to have them painted after I receive them? The newsgroups tend to say they are no longer folding? This doesn't make sense if someone already owns a SVT with folding mirrors. Do you think I could be cheap and replace only one mirror without too many people noticing? I'm sure it's only a matter of time until the passenger side mirror gets snapped off.

European Focus Mirror
Are these the same as the SVT Mirror?

FK Mirrors
Look very nice, but too pricey for me.

DTM Mirrors
May be the way to go, less chance of my wife smacking them off. But it's not really the style I like (too small).

So is the SVT mirror the right choice for me? Any suggestions for a good price on these? Any other mirror suggestions I haven't listed above? <font color="blue"> </font>
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I have the DTM Mirrors... They are small, but you get used to them. Must check the blindspots with these babies.

I'm thinking of getting the F1 mirrors from vme... so if ya want, hit me up with an email.
<font color="blue"> i got the m3's off ebay very good fitment/quality and they dont fold theyre spring loaded so they can be hit in any direction and be ok plus it was $46 shipped took about 4 days to get em couldnt be happier
and they come in a gloss black and ready to paint if u want</font>
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i have cheap apc mirrors for like $89.00 a set. The only thing that sucks they don't have power adjust
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Thanks for the replies...

unfortunately the DTMs are too small for me
the m3's sound good, I just may give these a shot
thanks for the suggestion on the APCs but I need power

Anyone have any comments or experience with the SVT mirrors or the European mirrors?
Aren't the SVT mirrors, heated and powered? I'd be sold just from them being heated if thats the case...just tap into the rear defrost and you got heated mirros, ... hmm ... maybe i'll go get a pair if they are heated.
SVT mirrors are the same as those of euros and they are foldable. The thing is it's kinda hard to find used ones, it's pricey and not worthed I think to buy it from dealership.
Heres the link to the SVT mirrors I found at, the price seems reasonable to me at $69.08. Is there something I'm missing, do I need to buy more parts to get this to work? No idea if they are heated or not, but that definately would be a nice bonus! SVT Mirrors

Here's some text from a 2003 Focus review "The ZX3 Power Premium adds power windows, doors, mirrors and more and then, at the top of this line, is the SVT. This adds the 170 hp engine, SVT suspension package, cloth/leather upholstery, heated mirrors and power seat adjustment."

Maybe the mirrors are different from 2002 - 2003 ???
I'm still looking to verify the heated mirrors but check this out...go to the very bttom and u see performance #s...1/4m, 0-60...everything.

Heated mirrors are standard on the SVT.

I think I'm gona get them too.
I did the same thing to my Focus. I had M3s first but was not happy with the quality/fitment. I then got Euro spec mirrors (before the SVT existed) and love them. The covers have to be painted. They are folding and heated. Easy to install and I wired the heater to my rear defroster. The only difference between these and SVT is that my passenger side mirror does not say "objects in mirror...."
Still trying to buy some mirrors, I've decided to go with the SVT mirrors.

They can be purchased locally from the Ford dealer:
$131.00 CAD per side *ouch* has them for $69.08 USD but hasn't replied to my e-mail asking about international shipping costs.

zx3tuning hasn't responded to either of my (two) e-mails asking about availability of mirrors.

ford-parts seems like the place to go but am a bit cautious since they aren't that quick at responding to e-mail.

any other options on where to find these?
Funny how things work, just received a response from zx3tuning.

OK I'll stop posting now, I'm sure everyone is tired of seeing my e-mails about my boring broken mirror.
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