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Replacing interior --> Need help finding parts

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What I need is:

Instrument/Gauge bezel
A/C vent bezels (not the whole vent, graphite)
Stereo bezel (black or silver)

Also, i'm looking for a high-mount/3rd brake light for a ZX3/5. Mine is cracked for some reason.

The previous owner did some pretty bad paint job on these interior pieces, and i've been looking to replace them. My local boneyard has but a few sedans; all of which have a beige interior and/or are missing the instrument bezel and stereo bezel.

I've tried eBay but have only found the instrument bezel so far.

Any help with finding these items is greatly appreciated.
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I can help you with the stereo bezel when I get home in about 3 weeks. That is if you havn't found one by then. good luck.
Okay, so far i've found the stereo and instrument bezels.

I will post a WTB ad. Thanks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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