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Hello FocalJet. Last year a hose split on the SVT and dumped coolant all over the expressway. I had a couple jugs of water with me — as about 3 weeks prior to this I had paid a shop to fix a leak and replace the thermostat — anyway, all coolant ended up on the pavement. Motor got baked.
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Split hose.

After admittedly letting it sit way too long, I finally got the oil out a few weeks ago. There was some coolant at the bottom of the pan.
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Results from an oil test…
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Hopefully this is legible. Is the engine permanently fudged?

I for the life of me could not get the compression tester to thread into the cylinders. I ended up just jamming the rubber cone nozzle in the cylinder and cranking the motor. Without a proper seal here are the results…
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Some compression in the outside cylinders. Almost none in the middle two. Test was done before draining oil.

My original plan was to pull the cylinder head off, have someone local deck and rebuild it, and then pop the pistons out and replace the rings.

I don’t know if this was ever a feasible solution. It looks like the passenger-side engine mount must come off to even get the head off, which would make getting the pistons out even more scary. Almost anyone I’ve talked to has said that pulling the motor would make any work like this much easier. And there’s also this pic which I don’t like at all…
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A little about myself: the furthest I’ve ever been in an engine is pulling the side cover off a Grom to clean the oil spinner. I’m currently an engineering student with 41 hours left. This car is a project with no deadline. I’m mostly trying to learn.

A few questions:

Can used SVT motors be found for a reasonable price?

Is the current motor even rebuildable?

With unlimited time is it reasonable for a person with no mechanical experience to even attempt a swap or rebuild a motor? I may be able to purchase an engine hoist and stand from an internship I completed with a utility company.


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That sucks! Sorry to hear.

SVT motors (long and short blocks) aren't easy to find, but aren't too expensive when you do find them. Check co-part and eBay.

The current motor is probably fine to rebuild, especially if this is the first time. A mild overheat PROBABLY just blew the head gasket or warped the head a bit. A severe overheat could have taken bearings, piston rings, etc. with it. Either way, it could be rebuilt provided it didn't seize up and chunk a hole in the block.

With unlimited time and if you're willing to learn, yes you can rebuild it, but it will take a lot of time to do it right.
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