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Road Trip!

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Yup... you heard me. I'm taking delivery of my 2004 liquid gray PZEV zx3 next march in my legal residence of New Hampshire (no sales tax!) So... since I am likely to be stationed on the west coast... ROAD TRIP! I'll have about a week to drive it around home and the the 3000 mile journey to the pacific.

THE IMPORTANT PART: does anyone think this will be a problem in a brand new car?? I know there are some break-in requirements.... is this going to be a realisitc trip? (i kinda have to do it either way) I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions. Thanks!
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New Hampshire (no sales tax!) So... since I am likely to be stationed on the west coast...
Congrat's on the new car!!

Question though. Will you have to transfer your plates to your new home? If so the taxes might suck.

And on the break-in period. I've heard you don't want the rpm's to stay in one spot for too long. Maybe just make frequent stops, and enjoy different cities? I might be wrong on this though.

And by stationed, do you mean(I'm assuming)your in the Armed Forces?
to you. If not, then you still deserve a
for whatever your doing.
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Yah... I'm in the Marines. So I won't need to change my plates. thanks
I don't think the long drive will hurt break in at all. If anything it will help because its more of a steady drive.

There was a web site talking about breaking in new engines...somewhat controversial but he tested about 300 new engines, drove half per factory break in standards and the other half, just hard as hell. He said the ones driven hard, lasted longer and produced more power. Either way, the long drive won't hurt break in at all.
I dunno, that sounds exactly like the kind of thing you're NOT supposed to do as per break-in from Ford. (Sorry some random guy with a website trying to sell magazines just doesn't do it for me) You're supposed to vary the rpms as much as you can .. which is the exact opposite of highway cruising. I would drive it as much as you possibly can for that week you have it before going cross country.. I'd want at least 1k on it before I did that.

If it's not til march can you change the delivery destination or cancel the order and reorder one in cali?
It actually wasn't some guy. he had dyno numbers to prove it and made several tests. His explanation as to why this worked better is because those break in directions have not been updated...and the new oils in use now a days allow for better break in. Again, this is something I read with numbers as proof. I don't think this guy has zero merit. Maybe someone with more knowledge can shed some light on this.

(sorry for the highjack...we can start a new thread about this)
Tailhooker, are you required to buy the car at your "home of record" I believe that no matter where you are stationed at you always pay state tax to the state where you entered the military. Does that also include sales tax?
No, I don't have to buy it at my home of record... but like i said, theres no sales tax there. I do pay home state taxes but if I were to buy something in another state, I would pay the sales tax for that individual thing.
Drive it around some of the back roads in NH first, for a few hundred miles, take some back ways, then get on the interstate.

I did the same thing in my car when i got it.

Bought it, drove it for a few days to break it in by varying the rev's, then went to south dakota, montana, wyoming, and back. 6500 miles.

edit: btw i changed my oil @ 500 miles, before the trip.
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thanks, guys. That's what I'll end up doing.... drive it around town as much as possible before taking the long trip out there, hopefully she'll be OK.

nothing a few well place mods can't cure
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