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Rock chip on windshield

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so i'm driving today and a rock hits my window...and i got this chip in it now. i know they sell repair kits out to stop the spread of the rock chip but do they sell any kind of concealer that can hide it or make it blend in some. my friend told me the repari kits to stop the spread dont hide the chip at all and its still noticable which is no good.
any input would be nice and if you know of any brands or kits or where to buy them would be helpful thanks
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If you take it to a glass shop they can fill teh chip with the repair kit for about $20-$30, but thats as good as you're gonna get. The sooner you go, the better it will fill in and conceal it. I've seen some fixed to the piont that you REALLY have to look hard to see where it was, and some that you can't even tell were ever fixed.

When a rock hits the glass, it creates a cavity inside the glass, kind of like an air pocket. The stuff they use to fix it fills in the cavity so water & other stuff doesn't get in there.
Hey Ice,

If you have state farm for insurance, their <font color="blue"> D-Comprehensive</font> coverage has paid for 3 different windshields at $0 no deductable. I almost felt bad that I had a little chip and got a whole windshield, until I remembered what my premiums were.

I would imagine other carriers would have something similar.
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