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Rota 16's for autocross on SVTF

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Rota 16\'s for autocross on SVTF

Ran an autocross this weekend and need an alternative to the Conti's. I am looking at Rota Slipstreams in the 16 inch size. From what I've read they will clear the brakes fine. As for tires, I am interested as to what size tires those with 16's are running. If anyone is running Falken Azenis 215/45 16's, I would like their input. Thanks
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Re: Rota 16\'s for autocross on SVTF

I take it you are going to run the STS class. I have been running in the STS class for 3 years now. The Azenis are one of the best tires for this class. Some of the other tires that run good are the S0-3's and the KDW's. I have never run the Azenis but everyone I have talked to seems to like them. The only bad thing about them is when they get hot they go away fast. So if you are running in hot weather bring a large spray bottle with you to cool them off between runs. For the money they are great bang for the buck. I am getting ready to setup my SVT Focus to run in this class. Not sure if I am going to stay with the 17's or go to 16's. The only reason I will go to 16's is to get the Azenis tires. The S0-3's and KDW's all come in 215/45/17. Hope this helps
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Re: Rota 16\'s for autocross on SVTF

Thanks for the info. I am going to run STS and have gotten the impression that the smaller rim is an advantage if you can find a lightweight tire and rim setup. I know that the Rota's save almost 8 pounds over the stock svt rims. I am curious as to the +/-'s of running the smaller rim size in auto-x?
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