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SA meet head count

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Allright well here is the post I said would happen. Got some questions that need to be answered by the middle of next week, so we have some time just incase.
1. Are you coming for sure? Y/N
2. Do you think eating at Rudy's after is a good idea?Y/N if no come up with some ideas.
3. Should we have some kinda activities planned. other than playing Bball or fball we can do some stuff like sack race, tug of war if any have a long/big enough rope etc.? any other ideas as well.
4. Is Ingram Park Mall a good meeting place before we cruise to the park?Y/N
5. How many want the Lonestar decal?
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1. Yes+7 Others
2. Sounds Great
3.Fball Good 4 Me
4. Sure give me directions (address)
5. I'll take a lonestar decal...Price again?
Which of these threads would you like to keep?

I GUESS lock this one then
3.activities-that could be fun, but not tug-o-war.
4.the mall is fine
5.I would like one black and one red decal please.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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