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Saleen S281 classing??

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I've got a friend who has a 2000 Saleen S281 Mustang and I'm getting him to come to our last event of the year, just a "fun run", to see how he likes turning the wheel. (he's a hardcore drag-racer
) Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out what class he should run. His isn't the supercharged version of the saleen. I'm thinking ESP. He's got headers, cat-back, no cats, intake manifold, intake, TB, MAF, and I'm sure some other stuff I'm forgetting. Seeing as how this is probably a one time thing at a non-points event, I know it probably won't matter, but we've got to at least make it look semi-legit, he sure can't run FS. ESP?? SM??

Oh and to confuse things even more, his drag racing mentor kinda wants to try it out too, with...a new edge Ford Ranger. Are these even allowed? It's lowered and Stinking fast, (13's), I don't think it is in danger of rolling or anything, but how would it be classed? If he can't run the ranger he might bring a 13 sec. V6 'stang. If he likes it he said he might be interested in building up a Focus, he's old and retired and got money to burn and loves all kinds of motorsports. well...FORD motorsports
Thanks a lot guys!
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I'm not sure about the truck. I know the SVT Lightning IS classed. I remember seeing something somewhere about a "Truck (all)" type catch-all classing somewhere. Of course if you're not running a SCCA event, things will be totally different.

As for the Saleen... Maybe one of the SP classes (I'd have to check the rule book, don't have it handy) or maybe SM2? I forget what the cutoff is between SM and SM2, I'm pretty sure I've seen worked over Mustangs and Vettes in SM2.

Why not just have them run Novice or maybe Time Only (if the club has such a class)? Here, the only thing that prohibits you from running is R-Compound (or obviously race) tires.
Normally, Saleen: Mustang is listed in A Stock, but with those mods... I think it would be ESP legal as long as he has no internal engine mods.... The progression for the car isn't specifically listed however, but ESP would make sense.

As for the truck? Yeesh.. If it runs 13s, I'd guess it is so modded, it should just be tossed in SM2... No chance of being competitive, but I'm sure it'd be a blast and a half.
Yep, the "E" is the current supercharger designation.

So I could run a Saleen SR in A-Stock? Just about $175k short.
Or a S-351 if I could find a used one?

Ahh, to have silly amounts of money to spend on a Mustang.
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