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SAW my first SCION Xa today....*yuck*

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Saw the car in person the first time driving down the road today...that thing is the ugliest and most over priced piece of crap ever on the road imo. *puts flame suit on*

It looks like a damn milk truck
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Yeah! Almost as bad as a Focus!

And I thought they were both kinda cute
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I saw a Scion xB myself and it looks sucky at first. But I'm sure it'll look dope when it is modded. *especially if it is lowered with some wheels.

At the xB's stock form, it looks fugly, IMHO.
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love it or hate it. I chose the first one

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overpriced?????? they cost $12,500?? The xb is ROOMY inside it's sooo huge inside! I am 5'7 and I had at LEAST a foot and a half of head room. The xa is roomy too. I think they are innovative cars. You can buy turbo kits for them for about $2000.
I like them, too. However, 108 hp is kind of a bummer. I wouldn't turbo one of those, either.

xB = $15K
turbo $2K
exhaust = $400
intake = $150
TOTAL = $17,550.
For that price, I'll take a used GS-R, Prelude, or Legacy GT wagon. Just my two cents. However, I have yet to drive one. Maybe that'll change when I test drive one.
I saw a xb (the box on wheels I think) Monday. It was black with tinted windows, lowered, and sitting on multi-spoke 19's (or 18's). Not bad.
I've seen the Xa models at the University i attend and let me tell you it doesn't look good. The XB is sweet especially with some rims you don't even need to lower it. I would get an XB just to cruise in.
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