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Schumacher- 6

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I'm surprised no one has commented much on Schuey's 6th World Championship.

Love him or hate is an astounding accomplishment. On top of it all, unless his motivation plummets there is certainly no reason he won't be a threat yet again next year.

His victory number, finishing statistics.......the numbers are just incredible.

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Heard of him from GTM, then saw him in the Benneton in '93 and thought he'd be a world champion. I bought a signed print of him in the Benneton summer of '94 and a signed print of Villenue in the Williams summer of '97. Complained last year working turn 9 at Indy, nothing happend, and this year Michael pulls off! Of course I was working turn 4 this year. Love to she him in a touring car, again.
got this sent to me today. web page Looks like he knows how to celebrate
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