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The paper I got said positions 5-6-7 will cause the car not to run and I tried it out and that was correct - the mileage and odometer had ------ instead of the mileage. The reason I mention this is because I'm assuming that means I installed the chip correctly and it is working.

I installed the chip about 2 hours ago and have taken it out on a couple runs since then. I have an ATX and got the aggressive ATX shift settings on my chip. The only thing I am seeming to notice is that it seems to shift later in the RPM's but the FS site states that it will create firmer, sportier shifts and I don't think I am noticing that.

Someone did mention that sometimes after you reset the ECU it might take a couple of days before I completely notice the effects. I was just expecting a dramatic change from what others have said about the SCT with an ATX. I also haven't driven the car as much as I should have after the install so I may need to do more driving before I make a final judgement. I just want to make sure I didn't do anything wrong on the install.

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