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I'm more of a lurker on the forums over the years than an actual poster. I'm Krux from what was "teamzx2". I've owned this ZX2 for the last 18 years which shares similar parts (zetec engine) from the 1st gen Focus.

I recently got into SCT Pro Racer Package. I read the book by Don Lasorta (great book) and have done several changes. Would anyone be willing to chat over Facebook messenger or email around what they changed on a mild modified NA Focus (intake, full exhaust, intake cam, ported IM, etc). I'm trying to duplicate my previous tune (VitViper) and I feel like my car is holding back and I can't figure out why (Its currently a solid tune).

Here are some of the changes I have done:
  1. Added 3% to the MAF Transfer Function above coasting (AFR coming in at 12.5-12.8 at WOT)
  2. Spark is coming in around 20-21 at WOT (above 5k rpms)
  3. Knock sensor is turned off
  4. Coasting fuel shut off is turned off
  5. VCT is turned off (VCT is deleted and I have adjustable cam gears)
I'm sure something is missing, but this was a quick run down.

Here is my car:
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