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I am wondering if anyone on here has any strategy tune backups for the SCT X3 3015 (Ford)?

I have been running tune version XP 1.8.0 for a few years on a Gen1 focus and it was especially good for firming up shifts (1-2 mostly).

When I updated the firmware this month to enable LiveLink GenII it installed a new strategy tune 2.101PFDUS

Unfortunately there are some problems with tune 2.101PFDUS and Gen1 Focus (SBDC4Z9) - the transmission pressure settings don't work and the shifting is mushy like stock! Horrible. Also a minor issue - the default low/hi fan temperatures are set to 178/188 degrees (too cool for a N/A Focus)

So I tried to force my programmer to an old firmware (1.2.131) but am missing the LFU file with tune XP 1.8.0. Now my SCT X3 has no tune loaded, and doesn't even display the LCD menu icons properly (textures missing). Can't update with no tune.... ARGH!

Anyone have older LFU files for the X3 3015? Should be called XP180.LFU or similar.

Also, if not, I hope SCT can help me over the phone :( Really would prefer to go back to the old tune but I just don't have the tools with this auto updater.

Thanks in advance for any help

(I wish the tuner would allow manual updates and saving of tunes/firmwares. )
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