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SCT Xcaliber question...

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IVe done numerous searches about what I need to know, and ive come up with only people opinions. So now Im asking, any sponsor who deals with the SCT., I want to know what I need to know about what information to give when ordering, and where to get the information from(ie: ecu numbers or what ever) also, I would like numerous tunes, one for my current mods, and some suggested ones to go along with it, I have a D20 automatic, with throttle body, MM CAI, exhaust w/ no second cat. future plans is UDP and stage one cams. Thank you!!
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All this info is pretty readily available if you search. BUT, I'll help out. Since I have the Xcal2 I can give credible answers.

There are 2 products, the Xcal, and the Xcal2. Both will work with your car but where the Xcal will only upload tunes, the Xcal2 also allows for some user adjustment of tuning parameters, as well as datalogging. (See or for more detailed info)

Both units store a few tunes. You can get NEW, or additional tunes via email from people who have the software to create the files. These files can be transferred to the Xcal2 via a USB cable. The Xcal requires an additional proprietary cable be purchased for this function.

ECU Code: This is the most imediate piece of info you'll need to make the purchase. It is 3 letters & a number. E.G. Mine is UAD3. You might be able to locate your code on the door-jam sticker, but more likely you'll have to dig behind your glove-box. Pull your glove box down & out all the way. You'll see two boxes back there on the right with a bunch of wires comming out the bottom. The black plastic one on top is for your PATS. The metal wedge shaped one underneith is your ECU. There are 2 nuts that need to be undone to pull both boxes out. Your ecu code is on a bar-code sticer on the thin, top edge of the ECU box. (It sounds hard to get to, but isn't really that bad.)

Hope this helps
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Sounds easy enough, thanks for the help!
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