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Seattle Auto Show

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Anyone going? My wife got tickets through work (The Seattle Times) and I asked if she could get more, but no go. She said it was a stretch getting 2. So I'm just wondering if anyone else is going, and if so what day do you plan on attending. If you've gone before what day is the best day to attend? I'm thinking about Saturday (Nov. 5th) because I have to work Sunday night.
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I will be there. It would be fun to get a bunch of people together and go there. I have gone every year since 95.
I don't get back from SEMA until Friday night.
rushing back so soon? you don't wanna stay in vegas for the weekend? or take a trip out to reno to go to the bunny ranch.... oh wait, you just bought a turbo. no money for the bunny ranch.

carrie & i should be @ the SIAS, no idea when tho.
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I should actually be rushing back a couple of hours earlier Friday to make a club meeting. They're trying to elect me VP.

Also, SEMA ends Friday. In fact I probably won't even be at SEMA on Friday but will be over at the Sands at the AAPEX show. They give away way more stuff when tearing down.
Of course it's not so exciting stuff.
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