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Selling 2.3 ZX3

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Hi gang,
Due to the recent inheritance of a nice, paid-for car, I'm going to be selling my mint condition '03 ZX3 2.3. I'm not sure if I can list the car for sale on Focaljet, but I'm wondering what the market for these cars right now. Anyone trying to sell or buy who can shed some light?

Thank you!
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Well they are about 3,000 - 5,000 right now. I'll give you 5,000 for yours.
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Unfortunately you cannot sell your car on here. We have rules in the For Sale forum stating that you must have at least 100 posts to sell items.
Probably only get 7k for it privately, even though the 2.3 hatch is rare, it's not enough to drive the price up.
well when mine was totalled, mine paid out about $800 more than I paid for the lot...36k and two years later. they paid out retail on it to me. even private party was still 9k+ for a base hatch with 5sp and ac
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