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SEMA 05: 3D Carbon Focus

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good stuff. I was digging their mustang. A bit too much "show" for me, but an impressive effort that wasn't ricey despite the amount of work.

is that just a straight up RS knockoff tho? (nothign wrong with that...)
That is beautiful!
Wow, if i still had my SVT it WOULD be wearing that bumper!

They make that bumper for pre-05???

Very nicely done, would be even better with a Euro Rear.
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Wow, now that looks hot!
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nice mirrors

haha they need to be colormatched... exactly what i was thinkin!

nice car though the racing stripes work in my opinion
I'm digging the front bumper.

I'd lose the white stripes, black out the lights in the front, and body coloured mirrors.

But still...maybe this is a sign of things to come...
Me likey, although the wheels are a little too large/bulky.
Wow, that is the nicest aftermarket fascia that I've seen on a Focus, period. I'd almost be prone to buying a new Focus if that bumper could be purchased.

On a side note, I wonder how these aftermarket compaines are attaching the bumpers seeing I designed the 05 without a bracket.
If that were an option, I'd consider another Focus in 06
Wish they made kit for the 3, because that looks great on the focus.
OMG! that is so freakin hot!!
HOT! Wow that's one of the nicest 05's I've ever seen.

Gosh, I miss my hatch so much
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I think the stripes give it the I'm the GT40's little brother look.
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That's just beautifull!
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I think the stripes give it the I'm the GT40's little brother look.
Too bad there's no power.
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Nice kit but hate the wheels. OZ would have been a better choice. Looks alot like a Fiesta ST.
Doesn't it look kinda similar to the Street Appearance package or whatever it's called? They have one at my dealership, I kinda like them. If they had any power or a decent interior, I'd consider one.

J-Rod: Couldn't they attach them in the same way as the OEM bumper? 3Dcarbon seems to make very OEM-like bumpers.
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