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SEMA Is comming up soon

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Any Focaljet members cars going to be in SEMA, mine will.
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Give me a minute to dig up the thread I started weeks ago and bump it, then you can post to it and somebody can close your repost.
I'll throw a link in here for good measure too.
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yep skippy and kris unveil there new cdan
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Continue here... Feel free to post as much or as little about when you'll be there, where you're staying, what booth (if any) you'll be in, etc.

Booth numbers would be handy for those of you "showing".
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Remember, Feature Vehicles don't find out where they are exactly until Sunday, at the driver's meeting. Then they can be any number of spots: front concourse, silver lot, front of the south hall, and inside in various feature vehicle spots in the walkways, etc.

Booth vehicles, on the other hand, do have numbers and locations.

For the show layout, go here and choose "View Floorplan" :
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