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Shift light wouldn\'t go out

Driving to work today and tooling along in what I "thought" was 4th gear due to the old guy in front of me, and the shift light came on. No biggie...I was right at 35 so it usually comes on at that point...

I try to shift into 5th, and realize I'm ALREADY in 5th gear!

The shift light will not go out. I shift back to 4th then back to 5th...still on

come to 3 different stoplights between home and work, and going through the gears does not make the shift light go out.

I get to the last 4 way stop near the base, and this time I go from a stop to 6500RPM in first, second, and third gears before the light FINALLY goes out...

Seems to be working just fine now...

Anyone hear about this happening before?

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Re: Shift light wouldn\'t go out

you needed to shift to "R" for "Racing".

I dunno, I've never heard of that happening before.
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