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Recently, I've been hearing this "bird-like" chirping sound coming from one of my rear wheels. It happens intermittently while I'm driving at regular speeds or coming to a stop. I hear a little high-pitched "chirp" with each wheel revolution ... so basically, the delay between each "chirping" becomes greater as I decrease my speed.

Can someone help me out and tell me what could be causing this and what needs to be done in order to fix it?

BTW, my cars is a 2000 focus ZTS (4 door) and on my last service at the dealership, I've had my rear drum brake baking plates lubed and the mechanic told me that my rear brakes would need to be changed soon.

I am new to car mechanics in general. So I don't really see how worn rear drum brakes would cause this sound because it happens when I'm driving ... but I might be wrong.

Oh, and one last question. What needs to be changed if the mechanic said my rear drum brakes were worned out. Is it just the pads or the shoes too? What's the difference between pads and shoes? Do I need to replace the whole drum assembly?

Thanx for helping a new focus owner!
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