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Should I get it?

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I was just offered a 2000 Sangria Red ZX3 with 33K on it for $1500 yes fifteen hundred dollars. I know the car well as I have helped the owner out many times with it. I want to give it to my sister-in-law for graduation from highschool. Hope the wife approves. Oh and the car is in Germany.
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i' say go for it. $1500 is not much to spend at all for a relatively new car. it would make a great graduation gift.
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F yes if you don't want it let me have it!!!!
Isn't that High Book value for a 2000 ZX3?

$1500 sounds like a steal.
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It looks like you know that car pretty well so it does sound like a great deal.
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i'd buy it!

i'm curious though - is this a NA ZX3 that was shipped to Germany or is it a real euro ZX3?
I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
when i think of a 1500 dollar rally car all i can think is strip it, install a phantom grip i.h.e and some kuhmo rallies...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm rally car
hell yah... not too oftent hat you can afford to buy someone a car as a gift...
Well my father in law said no becouse it is a FORD. He is a strict "bowtie" man. So no buying. If anyone is interested I can get the guys email.
He said "no" to $1500? Wow. He must be hardcore bowtie to pass that up!
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