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*Delete this*Should I take on Engine Replacement?

Okay, I decided to have the shop do it, Moderators, you can delete this if you see it.

My focus recently threw a piston and I need a new engine. It's a 2005 with a 2.0L duratec. It's been taken to a shop, courtesy of AAA, and I was quoted 2300. I'm afraid that number is going to go up when they see my radiator and condenser are a little bowed from a previous accident. That's for a used engine with about 57000 miles on it.

Now I've been looking around an exploring the idea of a 2.3L swap. I've never removed an engine before, but I like to think I'm fairly handy and do a good job with most of what I do. However, I'm still fairly inexperienced. I've changed sway bars, brakes, rotors, alternators, waterpumps, but I've never had to lift something I needed a crane for (excluding jacking up the car:lol:)

It's not extremely urgent I get my car back, so should I try the swap? Or go with the seemingly reputable shop and not get my hands dirty with this one? Any thoughts, I'm trying to decide soon! Thanks
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