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I have a 2006 Focus ZX4 and am having very bad issues with the side windows steaming up and turning to ice inside on cold days (my daughters actually scrape the inside windows so I can see out), and having my feet freeze while driving.
I have replaced the 2 wire device under the dash by the gas pedal that controls the air direction. I have also installed a new blend door actuator.
The guy at the Ford dealer parts department suggested I feed clear tubing inside the weather stripping around the door to build out the weather stripping due to possible wear. I have just bought the tubing, but have not done that yet.
I also talked to a technician at the dealership, I explained everything that was happening and what I did, and he thinks it is the plenum box. He told me they have to remove the dash just to do a diagnostic test on the plenum box. This is going to cost me at least a $1,000, just to do the diagnostic test, because they have to remove the dash, and he said that it might not even be the problem.
Could it possibly be something other then the plenum box?
Does anybody have any suggestions on what I should do next. I live in Barrie Ontario and it looks like it is going to be another brutal winter.
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