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Silver Paint

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What Silver Paint Do You Guys Use On The Vents?
I'd Love To Use Krylon Fusion, But They Don't Have Silver/Grey.
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I had good luck using the Duplicolor MetalCast System of paint. I used the base coat and then the blue for my vents and stereo surround, and then used just the silver basecoat on my Stereo Face and it came out great. I just prepped it really well, and didnt even have to use a Clear Coat. Has a nice metal flake to it too.
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just wondering how to get the stereo surround off sorry for he hijack just cant find out how to do it
Excelent paint Badmojo. What color was it specifically? I want to paint my interior with a blue accents. I have a sliver ZX3 with a grey/silver interior and it is just boreing.
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