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small body damage repair

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hey all

I have caused a low speed bump and got a dent in my door. I would like to straighten it, but would like some advice. as to how to do that. The dent is only about na 1" by 2" bt in the middle the paint chipped so I need to deal with it. I have some experience paiting small spots on cars, but not actually straightening metal(other than door dings at the edge).

My first though would be to get a towel and a hammer and gently bang it from inside, but I want to make sure this won't make more damage.

(btw anyone can make an estimate of how much a body shop would ask for a procedure like this? )



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If your paint is cracked, then the metal is creased. Its will be very hard to repair that yourself. If you bang it from the inside its just going to crease out from the outside.
Take it around to a few shops and get some quotes.
Then park away from other cars
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what on earth is a "low speed bump"? If you whacked your car hard against something enought top make the paint crack you prolly streched the door skin further than it is able to be repaired, they will prolly have to replace your door skin or beat it in further and bondo and then repairt your whole door. Have a pic it would help alot;
^^^Oh man..

I know pic would help.. but I do not have a digi cam camera...

"low speed bump": OK here's the story: A van in fron of me on a one-way stopped and put on flashers. It also put it in reverse, but there was no parking space around so I though I should just go by him and let him back up or whatnot. However he did decide to try to squeze into a spot that would be tight for my zx3, and as he was turning in, of course his nose was going out, and there I was in its path.

I wasgoing about 5mph, and he was slowly going bakwards. The van had plastic claddding, and there is not scratching on me or him. The force made a low-depth dent in my car's door. that would not worry me was it not for the "crease" (using Silfox's terminology). - a place hat looks like the sheetmetal got pushed against an inside-support or something and it is not dented in, but creats a "line of bump up". Here I believe the paint is gone - chipped. this was on the way to work so I didn;t have too much time to do a thorough examination.

Your words about stretching, make me worried. the force on the metal was definitely no perpedicular to the surface. But the paint did not crack from "stretch" focres, but from metal bend..

I will try to scramble some pictures tonight. or a diagram (photochop)..

Keep the comments coming.. I need more info..before I let some body shop bend me over.

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Not all body shops will bend you over. Since when did we get such a bad name?

Also just a note... When your getting estimates, don't automatically just go with the cheapest estimate. 9 times out of 10 you get what you pay for.

Your going to have your quality shops, and then your going to have your average ones. But the average person won't know the difference.
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