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And as usuall, gave my dealership completely satisfied across the board.

I do this because they are awesome! They always treat me in a kind and courtious manner, and always have my car ready for me when they say they will.

All in All, service is exceptional!!!

However, when I got to the questions regarding the car. I failed them on the ones they deserved to fail on. I in no way was an idiot in my grading system.

I said that I was unhappy with the quality of my car... I would NOT consider another Ford, nor would I reccomend one to a family member.

I wrote in the comments dept. that my dealership was the best around and I enjoy all experiences I have with them. BUT. I wrote that I was not happy with the car in many ways, and to feel free to contact me. I left phone, fax,e-mail and work numbers.

We don't have lemon laws in Canada so I'm stuck with the car. That's alright because I truely do LOVE my car (as we all do).

I'm curious to find out if Ford will infact call me to find out more?

Has anyone done this? and what were the results?

Just curious.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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