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I'm stumbling on some cash for my 18th birthday next week, so I'm anticipating having a few hundred dollars to spend on the car. First, a little background info...

My only engine mod is a Magnaflow cat-back. Race header is NOT an option, my small town cops would eat me alive. The car is a 2001 SE Sport sedan. It has the 2.0L Zetec engine and the MTX-75 manual transmission.

1.) I'd like to get a shorty header(Focus Sport), what kind of gains am I looking at? Will I be able to run the FS shorty without a high-flow cat?

2.) On a car as close to stock as mine, will I get any gains from putting on a FS Flex pipe?

3.) Is it reasonable to put Crower Stage 1 cams in the car w/o doing anything to the intake/exhaust?

4.) Would a Pro-Flow 70mm MAF do anything for me at this point?

5.) With the FS Shorty/FS Flex pipe, is my exhaust going to get any louder? (I need it to stay about where it is, volume-wise).

6.) Can I install Crower Stage 1 cams w/o installing adjustable cam gears? (I ask because I believe that they are designed to be at 0,0 from the factory).

7.) Is there any real reason to get the FC 65mm Throttle body besides better throttle response?

8.) AEM CAI or Volant?

Thank you in advance, any additional comments are welcome.

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Okay I will answer what I can and take from it whatever you want.

1. You will see a few gains with the stock cat on there and you can run it that way with no problems.

2. Always do the flex pipe. After the cat that will be your only real restriction.

3. Why not stage 2's? I don't think that there is a huge price difference and you will want to tune the cams no matter what stage you get.

4. I would wait for the Pro Flow until you get some more mods. At this point you wouldn't really be able to gain anything from it.

5. It will get a little louder but by no means is it something that will be drawing the attentiion of the cops. (unless they are looking ro write a ticket.

6. Once again you can install cams without cam gears but you will need to tune them to get the most out of them. Even the stock cams can benefit from cam gears.

7. Don't know this one. I have one and I love the throttle response. It's not as sluggish off the line now and if you are looking for a better takeoff and driving experience I would look into it.

8. VOLANT!!!

I hope that some of this helps. This is all from my experience with these parts but I'm sure that others will add their 2 cents.
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