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Some competition for the FSP Focus

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Member Quick PM'ed me asking about a project myself (Matt L.), Mike N. (C2M on the forums) and some other SoCal Supra autocrossers have been working on for about the last year. Thats why its posted in the this section, feel free to discuss, question or comment!

SCCA Solo2 F Street Prepared Prius

This basic fact sheet covers the F street Prepared 2004 Prius team layout, modifications and basic vehicle specifications. This is a preliminary fact sheet and subject to changes and/or revisions.

Owner/ Crew chief- Jim Leininger

Owner/ Driver- Matt Leininger
Co-driver/ fabricator- Mike Nakata

Logistics and back-up driver- Jose Alfaro


Drivetrain: Engine: Internal- Stock
External- modified intake routing in style of Toyota Motorsports Bonneville Prius. Further modified ECU controls (hi rpm redline, altered fuel and spark map) under development. TRD Yaris Header, Custom intake manifold w/ large bore thottle body under development.
Transaxle: Custom Weismann 1-way locking differential

Chassis: Interior: Motorsports Technical Center 6-point chromoly bolt in roll cage, Sparco Corsa racing seats, custom seat tracks; Sparco 383 Suede Steering wheel w/ billet touring car quick disconnect.

Exterior: TRD Japan front spoiler, TRD Japan custom flared front fenders. Custom rolled rear fenders. Custom graphics designed by Matt Leininger, applied by Molly Designs.

Suspension: Custom TRD USA adjustable coil over dampeners, tuned and valved by Progress Technologies. Eibach springs (325 lb/in front, 650 lb/in, rear). Front camber adjusters, modified rear sway bar.

Wheels: WedsSport Satin TC-005 one piece spun forged- 17x 8.5”, custom offset.

Tires: Dry- Hoosier AS305 225/45R17
Wet- Bridgestone RE750, shaved 225/45R17

Brakes: Modified Hawk Performance brake pads- “black compound”
Motul Synthetic hi-temp brake fluid.

Basic Specifications: Race weight, wet- 2772lbs (stock, dry- 2890lbs)
Weight distribution- 56/44 percent (stock, 59/41)
Overall height- 56.3in
Ground Clearence- 3.1in

Some race pics:

Supramang shot these pics:

a few random shots:

The car is a Toyoyta Motorsports backed program to take hyrbid technology to the racing community. We are currently in a test and tune phase with the car but already its proving to be competitive in class (F street Prepared) and with further engine/ drivetrain upgrades we anticipate being fully competitive on a National level for the 2006 SCCA Solo2 Nats in Sept 06'.

en hopup veritas
Frickin awesome! I wonder if the FSP Duck car will have a chance against this thing... You can see what we thought was the main competition in Pic #4.
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i think JustDucky will have a great chance against this thing. does anyone have any results?
I asked him for his results against the red Scirocco in Picture #4, since that was the winning car here when the National Tour rolled around.

That red Scirrocco in fact went to the Nationals and was 1.6 seconds out of first in FSP, we ran .3 off his time at the last event. This is all without any drivetrain mods and running our weak early/pre production ECU that runs us in safe mode at all times. We are pretty confident that with our class legal motor and drivetrain mods coming soon we should be right up there for contenders at the Nationals in 06"

Thanks for all the support, if your ever in SoCal come out and check us out, we usually do fun runs and we'd be happy to give rides.
Not quite as impressive as I was expecting, but will definitely be interesting once the car has some go-mods.
Pretty unimpressed by all but the amount of money needed to build this piece...I guess it's an excercise by Toyota to show that the Prius has at least some performance potential...

A well set-up Focus would own this Toyota, methinks...
Interesting. I'm just waiting for someone to take an Insight to FSP.
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