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some great modder ideas

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I loved that story when they printed it, but this acually beats the print.

And to sum it up, get a pretty much bone stock nissan sentra into the low 14's (like 14.3) all you gotta spend is nothong ($0). Just do some weight removal...

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whats with the 2.8 and 2.9 60 ft would have been way quicker if they got it down to 2.2 or even 2.3. i thought it was weird.
I've noticed that the guys at SCC really suck at drag racing. Any average Joe can pull a 2.3 on street tires. These guys practically need slicks to pull a low 2 second 60 foot.

That article was a complete waste of time and intelligence. It was a nice car before they busted out the sawzall.

The really sad part is that the Sentra SE runs a 15.7 stock. Several people have pulled high 14's with bolt on mods and no weight reduction.

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This article made me relize how stupid the writers for these magazines were. After that article I stopped reading the mags, and didn't renew my subscribtions.

It made relize, that these are people just like me, that got lucky and landed a job writing about what they love. They have no more (and some less) talent then I do. They got paid to destroy, what once was a nice Nissan. It was stupid, a waste of time, and a waste of a decent show car.
Originally posted by Maxximtl:
That article was a complete waste of time and intelligence. It was a nice car before they busted out the sawzall.
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Bull****. That article ruled!
Any time you can have a little fun at the expense of the import/sport compact crowd, I'm all for it.
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was that really the guys car? I wouldnt let them jak my stuff up like that.
wtf are you guys talking about? That Sentra was fugly as hell. 19-inch wheels, puke ugly body kit?

I thought it was great. They put that car out of its misery of body kits and gaudy wheels.
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What I am saying is that there was nothing wrong with the car. It wasn't in an accident or anything. There was no reason to do what they did....or to the extreme that they did. They would have been better cutting apart an old civic hatch or something.

That Sentra was almost brand new!

Anyway, SCC lost of a lot of respect from me on that article. Having owned that exact model car, I can tell you that it deserved a better fate than that.
That car was going to get crushed anyway... It was a preproduction press sample car.
I hope none of you actually think they did that to a person's car. It was obviously a set-up thing for the article and the whole thing was delivered very tongue in cheek style.

It was and still is, the only good car mag out in my opinion.
I dont know if you guys a realizing this, But to me I believe it was just a spoof. It probably wasnt the dudes car. If it was hes a idiot for letting them do that. I think they were just poking fun at the leagth some people will go to take of a sec of there 1/4 time. I dont know I could be wrong and it could be 100% serious.
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