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I tell ya, it is amazing what some people think they can get away with. I work at a golf course and the chef there recently did what he calls "declaring his sovereignty." According to him, he doesn't have to pay taxes, he can't be imprisoned unless he gives conscent, he dosen't have to register his car or have a driver's liscense, he doesn't have to obey certain laws, he can't be drafted (he's too old anyway), the can't police arrest him (if they do they have to pay fines), blah blah blah. He claims he falls under "common law" (law rooted in a society's customs and traditions and provounced by a judge from the bench). Apparently he read on the internet or in some book that this "arrangment" of his is Kosher. I say it's a bunch of malarky. My polotical science professor agrees with me. I give it two weeks before the IRS whisks him away. I mean WTF?
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Not quite sure what it has to do with vehicles, but hey
Well, it involves his driver's liscense . . . I'm an idiot, I posted in the wrong forum, again *Napoleon Dynamite esque "Freakin' Idiot"*
C'mon dude. If you read it on the internet, it has to be true.
The chef at his golf course read it on the internet, and now he's all "WTF! I'm not gonna do anything to be citizen! I'm better than that! I don't have to pay, or obey!"

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