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Hey, haven't posted in a while and though I'd share some pics for anyone new. The pics are old, but nothing has changed on the car since so enjoy....
*Don't forget to tell me what you think*

The car: Early 2000 ZX3 MTX-75 with 55,000 miles.

Some of the mods:

Engine: Stock intake/ K&N drop-in/ SVT snorkle/ Iceman Addon duct/ 65MM TB/ Early 2000 intake mani/ AFX UDP/OBX 4-2-1 Race header/ FocusSport Flex/ MBRP Exhaust

Exterior: FK 60/40 Springs, Ford Accessories 4 piece lip kit

Interior: Auto meter Oil pressure/ AF ratio/ Voltmeter gauges.
You can get a complete list of my mods at

The other day, first time at the track, my second time ever running, I ran a 15.9 @ 78mph, I mishifted causing the low trap speed. But with a little more practice, Ill do better.

Thanks for checkin it out
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thats looks good, the valve cover is cool. i like the location of the gauge by the vents, nice touch.
Simple yet effective. I like it alot
I like the look of the engine bay too, even though it has that Type-R scheme at first glance with the red valve cover
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nice valve cover i am doing the same with mine. what paint u use. i know the krinkle but what kind of red? or did it come as krinkle red?
looks good... i suggest you paint your A pillar pod to colormatch the pillar
who's the chick in the back of the SUV?
Nice little car you got there. I like it a lot.
We need bigger pics!
I like the engine bay. Looks clean.
why would you list the early 2k intake manifold as a mod, when your car is an early 2k model? anyways, car looks good bro,keep it up!
Hey, thanks for the nice comments. That girl is my g/f, I had to borrow her digi cam to take the pics. Also about that valve cover, its not paint, I had it powder coated wrinkle red.
wow my friend go to ucf and im driving my focus there..maybe ill see yours
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