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Some1 give good Turbo/Engine book titles to mike...

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the guy is askin for genuine help, so best way would be to get him some titles to read and he can better his upcomin turbo experience instead of literin the forum w/tons of posts w/answers fragmented between posts as well difference of opinion.

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man you guys are friggin mean. if im correct you havent always known everything about performance. its only the people who know about cars who say to search. no one else says this. you people should not say search all the time. what does it hurt for you to type a sentance or two to help someone out? im not trying to be mean but damn why couldnt you send me a pm with a title of a book, why did you have to make a post about it and make me look dumb?
man you guys are friggin [censored]. if im correct you havent always known everything about performance. its only the people who know about cars who say to search. no one else says this. you people need not be so arragant and calm down because i come here to get help not get screamed at for not doing a stupid search.
Good job dumbass - yell at the people you're asking multiple favors from. What's next? Posting a private message? oh wait
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ummmmm i never was mean until he said that, people on here are arrogant i did a search and came up with nothing. i ask a simple question and i get the same response from the same people "try doing a search" if got the answer i wanted from the search bar i wouldnt have asked the question. so what if i dont know a lot of about cars. why does he have to be so ****y and put it on a post and make me look dumb by saying give me a book why couldnt he have send me a message with a title of a book? most of the posts on here are reposts if everyone searched for stuff before they posted their question there would be no new posts. sorry i dont know as much about turbos as you guys.
just really tryin to help you, if you feel it makes you look bad...then thats your deal. i woulda wondered more bout what others thought in reference to your rash of posts instead of a more concise post. yes alot of the stuff on here is 'retread', so between that and your previous inquires i suggested that the FI guys give u the line on some good books to answer you questions and better help you understand turbos. i personally cant give you that info b/c i'm into naturally aspirated.

ok then im sorry for coming across as an ass
Personnally I thought it was rude too but thats just me. You might want to read up on some things or call Tom personally and he is more than happy to answer any questions for you.
yeah mike, I wasn't trying to be a prick or anything by saying try a search. If I knew the answers I would have gladly answered them. Some of your posts that haven had responses for a while I have even tried to help in some way, but I don't know a lot about FI on the focus. I ammore into the stang arena in that area. Some of the same things apply and that is where I can help some out.

Trust me, when I first started coming to this site, I got the "try a search" responses to and sometimes I still do. But since I know it helped me out a lot, I recommend it to others.
Poor kid. I've been around for almost a year reading posts and sometimes don't ever find out what I want to because even though I do search for as many subjects as possible I'm afraid of getting jumped with the whole "USE THE F$#&*&@*( SEARCH BUTTON) when I do ask a question.
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