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Spec Focus??

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I like the idea of a spec miata, but it doesn'nt work well for tall people. I think the focus could bring the best of all worlds.
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You might find some people who agree with you here..
You know, in the past this idea was more fantasy, but with the emergence of NASA and their multiple spec series, one could possibly get this done. And now they are planning races around the Southeast. NASA is really expanding.
There's a pretty big group of us that talk about this at least a few times a month. Unfortunately at the moment, the Focus has only been out here in the states for what, 4 years? And since no doubt the majority of people purchase cars with 5 year loans, the vast majority of those cars aren't paid off yet. And until they're paid off, a lot of people are hesitant to track their cars, let alone even think about wheel-to-wheel stuff. Not to mention the cost of a used Focus is still quite high compared to a Honda or Miata.

Therefore, to me, it makes sense that the first step in this direction would be an organized time trial series, possibly with a handicap based system to allow the stock ZX3 guys to compete with the built SVT's. This would allow people to kind of "get their feet wet" with the idea of a Focus being a track car. Less danger, more friendly to the daily driver crowd that eventually plans to move towards the wheel-to-wheel stuff. All of which means MUCH more participation and exposure.
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the va. nasa group has said they might do a focus group next year.
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