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speed censor(sp) or transmission? help!

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i am having trouble with my 2003 ford focus. a couple of days ago my service engine light came on and the transmission started acting like it was slipping. i took it to Auto zone for a diagnostic (since it's free there) and their stupid little computer thing said there was a malfunction with shift solenoid A. So i figured - no problem- i can replace the speed censor myself. well, i can't get the part until monday so i have to wait it out and take it easy. today, though, i noticed that my car doesn't want to go in reverse. is this still a censor problem or is it the transmission itself?
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the scanner said shift solenoid A, not speed sensor.
Look at the large transmission wiring harness and make sure its plugged in. Try unplugging it and spraying the connectors down with contact cleaner.

The code is telling you that there is a malfunction with Shift Solenoid A.
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