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Good general specs on both spi and zetec foci

Differences between the escort and focus spi motors

Detailed specs of the spi,zetec and svt engines

Aftermarket Tachs
You can get any tach to work on the spi or zetec by hooking it up to the wire on pin#48 coming out of the ecu harness under the dash.

[How to submitted by tin-maddog]
Drop down the glove box (if you don't know how to do that, don't bother modding).
Pull off panels that run just to the right of that (along your door jamb).
Locate ECU behind/to the right of the glovebox and trace the wires down to the the black harness.
Wiggle some [censored] around until you can see where all the wires go in; you'll notice numbers at either side of each set of wires.
Find the number that is close to 48 and count backwards (or maybe if was forwards). It'll be vacant.
Strip your wire off enough and jam it in there.
Zip tie it in place.

Cat-back exhausts
Any zetec sedan exhaust will fit the spi sedan with no modifications.

FJ exhaust shootout

[submitted by fordrallye]
Magnaflow w/ Race Header from Front.
Magnaflow w/ Race Header from Rear.
Magnaflow w/ Race Header from Inside the Car.
Take a trip with me as I go to get some gas.
Inside Car while cruising around 60mph in 5th gear.

Zx3<---> sedan catback swaps [submitted by 4dse]
The cat backs for any sedan will fit a focus coupe by shortening about 5" from the tailpipe, zx3 exhaust will fit adding 5"of material ( whether a longer tip or tubing.

Race Headers
[submitted by steble01]
Napa exhaust manifold gasket part# MS15249
It's a steel gasket and a nicer than the factory one.

86-90 Escort Gt factory race header
Where to buy..Your local junkyard! Where else!

H20boy how-to #1

H20boy how-to #2

Pics how-to

Pacesetter makes a header for the 91-96 escort lx that'll work too but the factory escort gt header is better quality and built the right way for better performance. It is available from jc whitney for about $120.

Focus Central has made the first spi focus aftermarket race header but it has the wrong firing order! However there is no other option except the escort gt header which is alot of work. Wrong firing order or not it has proven to be a worthwhile mod. (Unfortunately Focus central is now out of business so no more headers)

Shorty Headers
Focus Central had one, they claimed a 2-3 hp increase.

Go2000gt's shorty header pics

RED-SE-00's install with pics

Off-road pipes[submitted by Mutlee]
Escortfocus still have some

No one currently makes an spi specific flex-pipe.
The Zetec flexpipes that are available will work on the spi with some modification. To use a zetec pipe you would have to take out a section of tubing near the flange that connects to the catpipe and re-weld the flange on. The only difference between the zetec pipe and the spi pipe that I know off is that the zetec pipe has an extra bend where the flange is and we don't so they are pretty similar.

Gutted/hi-flow cat
You can pick up a catco high flow cat from summit or jegs for less than $100 bucks and then have it welded in. It is generally agreed that a gutted cat will actually hurt your horsepower instead of help it. Don't ask me why as I'm still not to sure on that one! The best way no doubt is to replace it altogether with a downpipe.

Mil Eliminators
When you get rid of the cat, the check engine light will come on. On of these babies will get rid of it. Any zetec mil eliminator will work and can be bought from some of the jet sponsors.

If you are on a budget...
How to make your own mill elliminator

Underdrive pulleys
25% reduction UDP
50% reduction UDP

[submitted by TXFO]
heres a quick how to. remove the passenger side front wheel. remove the splash guard. using a 5/8 socket wrench (or 1/2 inch if your car is a freak like mine) move the drive belt tensionertowards the rear of the car and remove the drive belt. remove the plastic shroud covering the crank pulley. disconnect the coil pack and pull the fuse for the fuel pump. set the wrench to loosen and place it on the crank pulley bolt. having disconnected the coil and fuel pump (very important) crank the starter for just a second or two. the wrench will hit the frame and the bolt will give. now you can take off the pulley and replace it with the new one. when putting in the bolt, put some loctite on the threads and tighten it as best you can. if you have a chain wrench to hold the pulley while you tighten, all the better. put the new shorter drive belt on, replace the fuel pump fuse and reattatch the coil pack wiring harness. put all the plastic and wheel back on. now you are ready for your test run.

(some general info about the mod)
You can expect slightly better acceleration and quicker engine response/reving with one of these.
Also, you will need to change your accesory belt to a 1" shorter one. Here is a quote from the man behind BDR about it.. "We have noticed that Ford changed belts some time between the 2000 and 2001 models. We are not positive if this change occured mid-year or if it is a model year change. We have done installs on both years and it seems to be that a 2000' uses a 695K6 and a 2001 uses a 670K6.

[submitted by blkse03]
The '03 spi with a 25% udp takes a K060650 carquest belt

[submitted by H20BOY]
The 00' spi with a 25% udp, no A/C, and an AEM alt pulley uses a 505K6 belt.

Throttle Body
Only BDR makes one and it's 60mm. Expect a small hp increase and much greater improved throttle response. You can buy them from other focaljet sponsors as well.
(unfortunately they discontinued the spi tb's)

Mustang tb mod...A mustang tb can be used on an spi if an adapter is used and the tb is modified. I wouldn't recomend it for the average joe but if you have skilled hands and access to a machine shop then go for it if you want to save some dough.

Modifying the mustang tb to work instructions

Installing the adapter plates instructions

[submitted by steble01]
Bomz cai how-to

[submitted by TinMaddog]
The all ecompasing intake thread

Coil Pack and Wires
Focussport wires
The best direct replacement wires available for the focus!

The foussport wires are a great addition to the stock coil but if you are upgrading to a higher voltage coil then I would recommend the escort magnecore wires or the live wires from the links below. The reason I say that is because currently there is no direct replacement coil available for the focus, however there are coils that are intended for use in the mustang, escort and contour that work on our cars just as well. The main difference is how the plug wires attach to the coil. All aftermarket coils like the msd, accel and screamin demon coil have barbed ends that accept special clips that are on the wires so that the wires can't come off.

SPI specific Screamin demon and live wire kit available at newedgeperformance

SPI specific wires and msd coil at Masssive Speed System

[submitted by EsCoRtLvR]
You can get just the sreamin demon livewires from here if you already have a coil, just call or fill out the order form!

[submitted by Jay-D]
You can get 8.5mm magnecores which are really good below..
Magnecores at ptuning

screamon deamon coil here (same as the msd but cheaper)...

accel coil
also available at jegs and other places.

[submitted by Andreb]
***Plug wire order diagram for coil***

2 being toward the front of the car and 1 toward the firewall.

H2oboy's accel coil how-to

Focus-on-two's msd coil install pic

Spark Plugs [submitted by jay-d]
NGK Iridiums part# TR55-1IX 7316
Bosch platinums are available for our cars too, but they suck comared to the iridiums!

Motor mounts [thanks to muttlee for his help]
All foci have the same lower rear motor mounts so pick your poison. The z-engineering mount or replace the factory bushings with prothane or energy suspension inserts. Popping one of these in will prevent excessive motor movement and firm up shifting in manual equipped foci and probably would be good for high power auto's too. Noise and vibration will increase however, especially at idle. The drivers side z-engineering mount can be used on all spi foci as well, unfortuneately the pass side mount does not fit.

[How-to thanks to Muttlee]
Jack the car up, take the (2) 13mm bolts out of the mount. Do not support the engine! Push engine towards the front of the car. Spin the mount so the small end is pointing toward the drivers tire. The mount will just come forward and fall out. Very, very easy. 5 minutes, tops. To get the old rubber out, I just drilled about 4 holes in each bushing. Then I shoved a screwdriver in between the plastic outer sleeve (yes i said plastic!) and the actual mount and got vicious. POP! 20 minutes for that. To put the polys in I used some Tri-Flow (smells like bananas....mmmm) on the inside of the mount and squeezed them in with a vise and a wood dowel. 10 minutes. When installing back into the car, put the larger end of the mount in 1ST, pointing the small end toward the driver's tire again. Push the motor forward, align the mount, and PRESTO. 1 min.

Where to buy the various mounts and bushings..

z-engineering mounts

prothane bushings

IMRC mods(Intake Manifold Runner Control)
[submitted by Deadfroggg]
Electric Imrc Controller Mod
Does the same thing as the swab but it allows you to control if from the drivers seat instead and you don't need to mess with the actuator under the hood.

The "Swab"(Super Waterboy Actuator Bypass)
Gotta thank H20boy for pioneering this mod. If you disconnect your IMRC motor from the intake manifold you can pick up some low end power. Here is a mini how-to he posted a while back..
"It's behind your stock airbox. Remove the airbox and a 10mm bolt on opposing corners holds the actuator on. It just slides off. Tuck it up out of the way or nytie it to the firewall, whatever. Open the butterflies (rotate the tabs toward the front of your car), and wedge them open with something. I have since changed to using an old carb spring to hold it open. Do not unplug the actuator, as you will get a CEL (or MIL) light. Drive like a bat out of hell. Enjoy. If you like the response, then e-mail me and I'll let you know what I did that's a little more permanent. " What I can add to H20boy's info is that I didn't remove my actuator, I put like five or six washers under it to space it away from the manifold enough that it doesn't touch the linkage arm anymore and still is bolted to the side of the intake manifold. Only thing to note here is you must only rotate teh tab about half way otherwise you end up closing the butterflies again and leaving them permanently shut with the spring.

Txfo's how-to with pics...
(Note:This is a special link that this ubb doesn't support so copy and paste the link minus the stars on the ends to make it work)

Head/Intake porting
H2OBoy's imrc and intake porting thread with pics

My combustion chamber and head porting thread

Head flow results

Muttlee's imrc porting thread

Escortfocus's ported head and imrc pics

Adjustable Cam Gear
Escortfocus has it but only if a bunch of people buy them at once, it isn't available individually anymore from BDR or EFP.

Escortfocus has the tech info on adjusting our cam

How to install one



If you plan on switching to an EFP stage 1,2 or 3 flat tappet cam, you have to get the high-rev hydraulic lifters from escortfocus and vise/versa those lifters will not work with the stock roller cam.
Escortfocus lifters

Head and main Studs
Arp makes head studs that fit our cars, they were intended for the early eighties 1.6 escort but fit our engines. Summit Racing caries them, these are the correct part numbers.

ARP-151-5403 Main Studs, 2-Bolt Main, Ford 1600 4 Cylinder about $100
The oil windage tray bolts to the block with four of the main studs. The arp's are slightly different, either the tray will have to be altered or the arp studs will have to be machined to install the pan tray correctly.

ARP-151-4203 Cylinder Head Studs, 12-Point Nuts, Ford Escort 1600cc, 10mm about $90
These are a direct swap.

Flatlander racing head studs

The 1.6 rod studs are different than the spi ones, they are listed on summit's site. Do not buy these! you will have to go custom if you want better connecting rod studs.

Got my forged pistons from probe racing in california. The pistons, with rings and locks came in at $555 shipped. They should have it on file so no need to send them a piston.

[submitted by SuperchargedSPI]
JE Pistons can be custom made and you can get them from Crower for $615 with rings, pins, and locks.

Got my rods from top enterprises in miami. They are saenz rods. The total was $640 and they should have my old rod specs on file so if you want a set of rods from them just call them up and order a set!

[submitted by SuperchargedSPI]
Rods custom made from Crower run $677.

High Performance Engine Rebuild kits and Bearings
[submitted by Andreb]
High performance rebuild kit
Cleavite engine bearings

Forced Induction
Turbo kits for the zetec that don't use a turbo exhaust manifold like the ac3 and gude kit can be adapted to the spi with not too much custom work to the piping. If you want to do a full on custom kit then an EXP turbo manifold from a US escort or an imported RS manifold from an escort rs from europe are cheap if you can find one. Not sure about the fitment of these manifolds in the focus yet though. If you want a high flow manifold designed for an external wastegate then look at this site, they have an turbo header kit for the 1.9 escort that will work on the spi.

Back pic of the rs manifold

Front pic of the rs manifold

[Link located by UMDivX, courtesy of FEOA.NET and "Marclar" who is a moderator and the thread starter]

Great information here on turbocharging. Note that a few things will not be the same due to the fact that these are Escorts and not Foci, but our Escort Older-Brothers know their stuff!

FEOA.NET Turbocharging Information

Any nitrous kit designed or marketed towards the zetec will work on the spi.

[Zex nitrous kit review/experiences by SuperchargedSPI]
I use a Zex Dry kit(The purple bottle).. It is a safe kit for nitrous begginers... It will only activate when you flip your switch and you romp down on the gas(WOT). It will automatically turn off the nitrous flow if your air to fuel(a/f) ratio becomes to lean. The kit comes 55, 65, and 75 shot nozzles. Others say NX is a great setup...

Performance Chips and Ecu flashers
A chip or flasher will work wonders for an auto and perk up a manual too! They can remove speed limiters, raise rev limiters and remove cells caused by removing the egr and possibly other things. You can also change the imrc opening rpm to whatever rpm you want. They can be used to increase line pressures and change the shift points in an auto which make a big difference in shifting. Pick your poison, a chip and flasher have pros/cons over each other but they are minor. In the end they both do the same thing!

Mail order SCT chips
Ecu Flashers
SCT Pro-Racer Package

IB5 Manual trans
[submitted by muttlee]
No timing pull between shifts mod

Black Diamond Racing was the first in the US to come out with a shifter for our cars. They don't have a link to it on their site for some reason but if you call up you can order one. They are a jet sponsor and the first to make parts for the spi motor and tranny so support them first and give them a call!! (805)583-8255

Focus Central Shifter (a re-badged bdr shifter)

[submitted by steble01]
BDR shifter how-to

[big thanks to Fastfoci_spi for the research!]
QUAIFE differential

B&M short shifter

Racing Gears

[Submitted by Steble01]
Spec Performance Clutches have been added to mcnew's lineup of parts.

Spec clutches

Lightweight Flywheels
You've got two choices, either adapt a zetec flywheel to work wich would involve having it machined or have a one off custom flywheel made for your car by a company like fidanza.

4F27E Auto trans
EFP Shift Improver

installs and reviews of the improver

improved install of the shift improver

Anyone who is planning on running high power or wants to improve their consistancy and tranny longevity should invest in a universal transmission oil cooler. The electronically controlled trans adjusts for higher fluid temps by changing how/when the converter locks up and shifting patterns. So it is best to keep the fluid cool!

Tranny coolers[submitted by Geekspeed]
This kit was used on an spi escort so there could be differences but it most likely will work.
Hayden Rapid Cool tranny cooler: part #676 with fitment package #390

Internal Trans Upgrades[submitted by Blizazer]
The SPI and zetec share the same transmission, but have different differential gear ratios. 3.69 vs 3.91. This sounds like a direct swap? If thats true, then we would pick up some low end at the expense of high end (and fuel economy).

Description and tear down pics of the tranny and it's parts. Description starts on the third page.

Alto direct clutch power pack

[submitted by SuperchargedSPI]
You can upgrade your auto tranny for a pretty penny at

Didn't think it was possible but there is a possibly better and even more expensive option than the level 10 tranny! Contact them for more info.


Manuals...[Submitted by Andreb]
- Haynes Shop Manual for 2000-2001 Focus: Haines #36034 available on amazon for 13.97$. It has a complete chapter about the SPI engine and about the IB5 tranny...

- Chiltons Shop Manual for 2000-2001 Focus: Chilton #26330
dont know if it`s great... but it`s also available on amazon for 16.77$

They also have a bargain for both manual at 30.04$

Quick Change oil drain[submitted by FlaFocus]
Fram sure-drain for the spi
model# sd-4 will fit

Timing Belt[submitted by Andreb]
gates belt part# T283
should last longer than the factory belt, made out of better materials

Ladybuf's EGR tube repair how-to

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Re: Spi Aftermarket Parts & Mods List

maybe you can add, in the chip section, that when you order an sct chip, you can also have them put "early imrc activation" as part of your programs. it doesnt say it on Focus Sports page, but they can set it to open at whatever rpm you want.

this chip is hot guys. when i ordered mine randy told me that at the time only about 11 chips had been ordered by spi peeps. as compared to only god knows how many the monkeys are buying. lets show some support, i would recomend you guys get one, they are worth every penny

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Re: Spi Aftermarket Parts & Mods List

That mod-whore steble has me working again.
Added a link to the metal exhaust manifold gasket under race headers. Don't know where to add it really, don't want to make a new section just for a gasket.

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Re: Spi Aftermarket Parts & Mods List

i heart you mr marcelo. i think thats a good place for it seeing as none of the headers really come with new gaskets. also you could have put it on the bottom of the list with the timing belt and oil drain plug part numbers, but i think its happy where its at

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Re: Spi Aftermarket Parts & Mods List

pacesetter header#70-1164
this will work with minor mods as long as you ahve a mig welder you are good.

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Whenever you get a chance Mr. Moderator!:D

Just be thankfull you have access to a great search engine now to help fix the links. It seams to go much faster than before finding the links. :thumbup:

P.S. I suggest you drop imagestation steble, try photobucket. Imagestation has been on a downward spiral to suckville for a long time. I have some pics on there that I have to rehost as well.

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yeah marc, i noticed the whole image station thing, im probly gonna go with photobucket or something. i didnt know if the pics were showing up for you guys or not seeing as half the pics here are red x's for me (damn govt computer firewalls) but when i have access to my comp back home, i will move the pics around

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Quaife makes a a differential for the ib5 but it costs alot, I think close to $1000. they used to have a page with it on it but it looks like the catalog has changed. You would have to contact them directly or ask someone who caries quaife like focussport to get you one for the ib5.

Spec makes the clutches and I'm pretty sure you can get them from f2focus as well as other places. I think either mcnews or newedge carries them for the spi as well. Check them out.

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Hey everyone! It sure has been a while! I got a ??? Well.... I'm running a 25% underdrive pulley, and I was thinking of running a 50% underdrive pulley. What is everyones experience (if any) on running this pulley? Anyone know If I will have any problems w/it? Also if I remove my AC, what belt would I have to run?
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