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This appeared to be the correct forum, so that's why I posted here. Mods, move if this is not the correct place.
I have an 01 SPI (valve seat, we all know the drill), and a wrecked 04 ZX3. So far, the swap is progressing with no issues. Now for the questions/observations.
The Passlock module for the 01 has two connectors. The passlock for the 04 has 5 connectors. I know that the key should match the PATS, and the ECU is programmed to match and all is one big happy family.
Does anyone know if the 01 PATS can be programmed to work with the 04 ECU, or however they do it?
Or, is it more likely that I will have to trace all 5 connectors of the 04 back to their origins and use the 04 Passlock module as well?
I have keys, PATS, and ECU's for both cars, but I really didn't want to install the extra wiring if I didn't need to.
The first thing I'm going to try is to just use the ZTEC ECU with the SPI PATS and ignition.
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