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Spring Into Focus 2012- Columbus, Ohio

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Anyone interested in attending Spring Into Focus 2012 it will be at the location below:

April 22nd 11am-4pm at

Quaker Steak and lube.
8500 Lyra Drive
Columbus, OH 43240

(614) 430-WING (9464)

Let me know how many are planning on attending and they will set aside spaces for us. Right now they are reserving 30.

If enough people want to go go karting there is a place not far from Quaker Steak and Lube.

Also there will be awards given in several categories as well as, a small swap meet. Bring all the stuff you wanna sell!

Here is a link to the facebook event page

here's a list of some of the awards

Best 00-04
Best 05-07
Best 08-11
Best 12 +
Best hatch
Best sedan
Best wagon
Best SVT
Furthest Traveled

That's most of them so that should be some incentive.

I will be working on paypal for the SIF '12 decals soon. Once I get few more details about them I will put the information on how to reserve yours.

For those who want Decals send the payment to [email protected] Pleas include paypal fees. In the information box please include your name your forum name and how many just to help me keep from getting confused. Again decals are $4 each.
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How many people would be interested in a 3x6 SIF '12 decal this year. It would be white n color and cost $4. Let me know If you are interested and I will get the ball rolling on that.
What's this decal look like?
Just what I typed SIF '12, but the I will look like a Spring and Strut.
I'll take one at least
Ok, once I get enough interest I'll let everyone know. I'll need at least some people to prepay because if 10-20 people all want decals that will be a lot of money to front, especially if people end up not showing due to weather or something.
Are there any old school Ohio people running this, or that that at least attend this? We used to have Columbus meets back in '02-'03 at Quaker Steak! Man those were the days!

Here is an OG pic from Quaker Steak way back in 2002!

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Gerald.... most of the people posting in this thread didn't have a license in 02-03..... :D
I believe Dan Meray is coming down from Michigan. I'm fairly certain he's the oldest one who usually attends. As Dracconix said I didn't even have a license then lol!
I think we'll be there in the new Focus!
I meant as in old school focaljetters. Not older in age! Are most ofthe people that are attending this on the kiddie focus site or what? Wow, between Dracconix, guitarseth, ccubedzx3, and myself that will be 42 years of focus tuning! This will be great if several old timers show up!
Yeah not many from here were getting into this event so its mostly FF people right now, but its never really been an issue. Its certainly always fun!
first post updated
Do I need a AARP card to come? :D just kiddin! This will be my first time coming! Woo
Just bring some fiber and you'll be good.
Brian, I'll take a SIF decal please.
I'm going to gun for this to debut my 6.5 year build. I need to break the the engine in, this will be a good way to do it. We'll see if all runs right when I fire it up.
I may have to go to this now just so I can see this
Brian, I'll take a SIF decal please.
Who is Brian? Lol I assume you mean me lol
Yeah, I meant you. Thought you were Brian Ringler.
No its Brett. Its cool I just found it funny. I'll put you down for one.
gerald tasha and e might be coming too, i think i convinced them last night.
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