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We are going to be coming out with a full product line very soon. I'm actually a bit behind because the lifts are full of EVO's right now. As soon as one frees up we'll get started on the mods for the car.

What you can expect from us right now is some lightweight components. We have a Lithium battery that weighs under 5 pounds we will be putting in the car.

We will also be building full turbo back exhausts and catback exhausts both in 2.5" and 3" All of our exhausts are built as light as possible and in 100% 304 grade mandrel bent stainless steel. The best choice for the ST is going to be the 2.5" up to about 375 whp, the weight savings will be fairly substantial over a 3" and the larger exhaust isn't very beneficial until the 375 whp mark, if the exhaust is built right using a quality free flowing muffler. I intend to use a 2.5" on my car to keep it as light as possible and until we actually need to upsize but we will offer both right away.

We also have the rear engine mount done to eliminate the clunking on the launch and a hard 1-2 shift. Just need to double check fitment on it.

We will also be doing a nice chrome moly bolt in harness bar soon, this really adds to the car control when you are autocrossing or road racing and gives you a place to put harnesses of course. We also make ours on quick release pins so if you have back seat passengers the bar can be quickly removed for their safety.

Doing a MAF inlet pipe at this point in time isn't something we can do, the car will need to be tuned for that and I'm waiting on the new SCT software to do that, I see some nice gains from a MAF pipe upgrade as the stock piece is smashed down pretty good.

A larger front mount intercooler will be coming along with some nice lighweight stainless steel intercooler pipe

I have been in contact with the infamous Robi Spec already and he is eager to get started on a quality road race suspension for the car. He is going to book a flight to come in and get some measurements and such soon.

My primary use for our car will be street, autocross and road racing. The drag strip will be used to prove the power our products make as we go but the primary purpose is not and will not be drag racing. I'm looking forward to seeing how NASA classes the car so I can get it on track and try to set some TT records with it!

Let us know what you ST owners want to see and what you will be doing with your cars!

Thank you.
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