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Steeda Focus Engine Mounts

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Description - 2.0L Zetec Engine Mount for ZX3/ZX5
Install a set of poly mount inserts for ultimate control of your power train movement!

Do these fit a SVT? if so anyone have any reviews on them and how they stack up to the VF ones? Thanks.
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These should fit the SVT no problem. Keep in mind, we all use the same block.
keep in mind these are the inserts, not the entire mounts. you'll need to take out the current mount and switch the inserts, which some find hard to do.
Yes they work in the svt, I have them. Mine was a bit of a pain to reinstall the mount, but nothing too bad. It does make a difference, shifting is much better. It also feels sort of cool having the vibration in cabin. Sometimes [not all the time] the hatch will vibrate a little bit, doesn't do it a lot to bother me.
When your going to install, make sure the rear [bigger] mount is put in the the angled area pointing forward.
Buy these, they are a good mod for $20.
Thanks! Gonna pick up some with my short shifter in the morning
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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