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Steeda shifter- who has it??

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Title says it- for those who have the shifter, what was the install like?? I just picked it up at UPS today

Anyy tips will be appreciated!
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i've got one. i can give you a few tips on the install if you'd like, but i have one question - regular focus or SVT?
i do. but i cut it down even further and re-threaded it. Feels VERY solid!
I've got one and its a great piece to have....reccomend getting one
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i've got one. i can give you a few tips on the install if you'd like, but i have one question - regular focus or SVT?
I have the SVT.. its Blue??
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Only one tip for you, don't rush and be very gentle not to break the plastic parts that hold your stock shifter cause you are going to need it for your steeda shifter. I'd assume the SVT shifter is almost the same as the regular focus.
another tip. there are 4 torque bolts you need to remove. the hole for the bit is very shallow. Many have stripped the bolts and had to drill them out. If you are using a ratchet style torque bit, make sure you use constant pressure straight down on the bolt. Meaning, keep a 90 degree angle between the bolt and torque bit/socket.

Also, you do not have to totally remove your center console. It is a pain to get to the cig. lighter harness to remove. you can simply get the console up and reposition it out of the way.

Another tip...make sure the (forgot the name of them) shifter cables (2 of them) are tightly snapped back on. A couple people have had them pop back off because they weren't all the way on.

other than that, take your time as others have stated. Have plenty of paper towel cause the grease they give you is a pain to keep off things.
my main advice echoes what sonicblu said, especially about those torx bolts that secure the shifter base - those things are a major pain in the ass and have A TON of lock-tite on them. my advice is to try and loosen them up some with a pair of locking pliers before using the screwdriver or ratchet to unscrew them.

you don't HAVE to remove the center console, but i'd still do it because you're going to need a lot of room to position your arms for leverage when removing those torx bolts.

the grease really is a pain, but be sure to really liberally lubricate all the moving parts...

other than that, just follow the directions and you should be all set. the install will probably take you between 30-50 minutes. have fun with the new shifter, it's going to make driving a lot more fun.
The Steeda Tr-Ax/F shifer is a good solid product. I can't imagine driving my car with out it.
Thanks guys,

the install seems simple enough. I'll be sure to post any issues I had with it, if any.. looks pretty straightforward.

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