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Steeda Shifter?

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Got My Tri-Ax/f Shifter to day and installed it. I replaced my Focus Central one with the Steeda. I think its going to take a little bit of geting use to. I think it actualy shortens the shift but the shaft it about an inch longer then the FC. I almost want to take it to a welding shop and have them cut 1" out of the middle and then Mig weld it back together. Any one else have this problem? or is it just tha fact that I am going from a real short shifter to a longer shaft short shifter? But its in with the RS shift knob and Its beautiful!
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Thats the best part of the Steeda. Its a short-throw, but not a short shifter. Those stubbie shifters are annoying. I'd say keep it as it is.
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yeah, actually you're going from a faux "short-shifter" to a true shortened-throw shifter, in that in addition to having a slightly shorter stalk, the arm on the other end of the pivot point has been lengthened, decreasing the amount of "throw" in each shifter movement. I personally think it has a much better feel.
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