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Due to major, life-altering decisions that I need to make this summer, and the desperate need to finance them, I will not be making it to Carlisle this year. I will be attending FR'13 without a shadow of a doubt. I do not wish to be harrassed for this decision, and I'm honestly a bit annoyed to see that Blake is being hounded for his decision. I will miss you all a great deal this summer, and I assure you that I was looking forward to this event with great enthusiasm over the course of the last year. This is one of the more difficult decisions I've had to make in a while, as I'm sure we all know how much we value each other's friendships and company.

At this point, I do still plan on attending H2Oi this year, so my focus will move onto preparing the car for September. I will also be attending as many local shows as possible, so I invite you all to come visit New England (or some shows if you're already here) as soon as possible.

Also, I have deactivated my Facebook account on a temporary basis. I plan to lay low in the Focus scene* for a while and just take care of business. I will still be open to new orders, but I hope to spend the next few months concentrating on developing and actually completing new products and projects for future reveal. I will also be continuing and even ramping up my contributions to Solo Automag. If anyone has ANY questions about me, Keegan Komponents, or Solo, of even if you just want to shoot the breeze, feel free to contact me at any time**!

I'll miss you guys and gals quite a bit this June, and I can't wait to see you in September for Trash in the Water 2012!


*This is not a result of any business or personal transactions going sour. I just need to really work on getting some results on unfinished projects I have laying around. There are more than you may think!

email: [email protected]
Cell: (860)949-2209
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Matt Cydylo
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Colchester, CT 06415
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