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Stg III head and stock cams for now....

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I'm getting a FC Stg III for an awesome price from a buddy of mine. I'm wondering the following...

-Should I be ok install it using the stock cams for now?


-Should I wait until I have everything together (StgII cams, manif etc) and than install it?

I will get the cams and the manif once I got the extra cash together. But I'm just wondering if it would hurt anything running stock cams for now until I get the rest.

Also, what whp will I be looking at running:

-FC Stg III head (10.5:1)
-Stg II cams
-2000 ported manif

(my other mods as of now are jba header, thermal exhaust, 65TB, Injen race division CAI)

edit - highflow cat and flex are coming up down the road. Oh yeah, and bare with me...still learning
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I'd personally wait. It would be so much easier to put on the intake manifold out of the car. And switching the tappets around and all that BS of possibly stripping bolts - I'd just wait.
i would install Ford Racing stage 2 or 3 cams or Crower stage 3 cams.

Also once this head and cams go on the car it will toast your cat.
chris - I wanna go with stg II cams. but as of now I don't have the finances to get the cams right away. So my question is if it was ok to put the head on with the stock cams, since it has to go on anyways...

yeah - once I got it complete I will get a high flow cat...
what brand stage 2 cams? you should be ok putting the head on with stock cams
which stg IIs do u recommend?
I like the things I have heard about crane stage 2's. I just bought a pair of crower stage 2's with the new grind because I got a good deal and they are supposed to be better in the bottom end than the old grind. we'll see. Oh, and unless you need the new head to get the car running, I would wait. why do the work twice when you won't see huge gains from just the head swap. put it all in and get a more satisfying increase in power and do the work once.
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