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Anyone ever put one of these on a flow bench?
Just interested in hat they can flow, as the stock cast exh manifold on my Escort RS Turbo is very poor.

The Focus manifold looks much better designed, a lot nearer to having equal lengh runners and seem much larger. Any idea where it becomes a "brick wall" when used on turbo application?. Ours becomes a restriction at about 280bhp, and if my instinct is right, the Focus one should be much better.

The Focus Sport manifold has been used on turbo application, but its a NA manifold, and as such isnt really designed to be strong enough to support the weight of a turbo, especiall at full chat when EGT is at its highest. Also as I am planning to run Antilag, im not sure how well the Focus Sport manifold would handle the extra stress. - Hence my reasoning that a cast stock item will be much stronger, all depends on the flow figures.

Im hoping to put one on the flow bench within the next few weeks i'll let you know how I get on

Any thaughts?
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